Youth Peacemakers


  • Asian Journeys’ Youth Peacemakers is an outreach programme to youths in the Heartlands.  It comprises of a 4-hour workshop on peacemaking skills and can be crafted into a two-day retreat for youths and their parents/ teachers.

    We will teach youths about conflict management in their lives, in the community and in the world at large and train them to manage conflict and promote peace, co‐operation and collaboration in their lives, as Youth Peacemakers. Critical to the programme is the ability to make peace with themselves and with their loved ones.

    We understand youths go through a trying phase in their stage of life development and may experience turmoil and conflict within and without. We want to help youths recover from their pain, manage their emotions, support them as they move ahead so that they become skilled in facing the challenges in their daily lives and choose to be catalysts for peace.

    We aim to work with youths, parents, teachers in schools and adult mentors in the community through an ongoing training and mentoring programme so that we can help build individual resilience, deeper family ties and a stronger sense of community. This youth outreach programme will be led by a core team of Asian Journeys’ trainers in partnership with school counselors and youth service organizations.

    The programme is also targeted at neighbourhood schools, ITEs, homes for troubled teens and youth organizations as we work together to promote a network of supportive and caring relationships for our youths. We will also especially work with troubled youths who have been rehabilitated and are well‐ positioned to contribute as peer mentors.

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