Green Desert Project

  • Asian Journeys’ GREEN DESERT PROJECT began in Sep 2002, when Asian Journeys was invited by the local governments of Duolun and Dalateqi in Inner Mongolia to participate in tree-planting conservation program.

    This project aims to reduce sandstorms and air pollution caused by desertification across Inner Mongolia and Northern China, by planting fir trees on the desert plains of Duolun County in Inner Mongolia.

    Since 2007, 2700 youths had participated with Asian Journeys to plant more than 11,000 trees in Duolun County. The ongoing works have received positive responses from the locals as sandstorms have evidently reduced, resulting in cooler temperatures and better air conditions. Asian Journeys hopes to achieve the goal of planting 10,000 more trees in the next 5 years, with efforts from Singapore as well as partnerships with China for greater improvements in environmental care.

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