Upcoming Events

  • Green Urban Youth Forum 2019

    Programme Highlights Youth Showcase by NAFA Global Awareness Programme Team featuring dance, drama, photography, installation art, video presentations on the Urban Poor and the Urban Environment in Metro Manila. Participate in Workshops on Creative Creation Care by Planting a Terrarium (Plant a Terarrium Today. Plant a Tree Tomorrow) and “From Trash to Cash” by Making […]

  • Youth Environmental Stewardship Forum 2018

    In this 6th YES Forum, the forum theme is “GREEN URBAN YOUTHS: The Fourth R: REFUSE” which aims to help youths brainstorm the possibilities of raising awareness of reducing unnecessary waste from using disposable foam cups, foam plates, foam boxes in our daily lives! This must be done through intentionally refusing the use of this disposables and […]

  • Green Urban Youths & Plasticity 2018

    Programme Highlights:  Video & Photo Presentations & Forum Discussion on Plastic Mountains, Plastic City & Plastic Life in the City of Plastics. Participate in Installation Art, DIY Tote Bag Making & Plant a Terrarium.  Resolve to end the use of Plastics in the city. Free Admission.  All are Welcome.  For more information, please visit www.asianjourneys.org To Register, […]

  • Red Dragonfly Project

    RED DRAGONFLY PROJECT Programmes include: DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: 1.  Knowing Your Personality Traits  (2 hours)     Understanding Oneself and Developing Versatility in Relationship 2.  Knowing Your Learning Styles (2 hours)     Understanding How You Learn & Learning to Be Good at What You Like 3.  Knowing Your Team Roles (2 hours)     Understanding What It Takes to […]


    A Journey of A Thousand Miles begins with the First Step. Retreat to Advance. Journey outwards to journey inwards. TRANSCEND. Recover the Rhythms of Grace. Join the Spiritual Journey. There is A WAY in the Wilderness. DREAM DREAMS. THE DESERT CAN BE GREEN AGAIN. For interested parties, kindly email to info@asianjourneys.org for more details.

  • Youth Environmental Stewardship Forum 2014

    Youth in Environmental Stewardship (YES) Forum aims to help youths focus on green urban living and lifestyles, to be responsible environmental stewards. Being responsible environmental stewards, we are looking beyond tending our garden but also creating sustainable & liveable city for the future generation. This involves a paradigm shift from mere return to agrarian lifestyle […]