• Service-Learning is a creative learning method which helps students to integrate academic classroom learning with experiential learning in the community.

    Service-learning allows students to appreciate the realities of problems discussed in the classroom and in academic books and papers and allows them to test out solutions proposed through rendering services at street level and thus examine the validity of some of the premises.

    The key is to help students learn the art of reflection in the midst of their participation in community service. Walking the streets in the local communities, the students will have a better grasp of the issues and challenges confronting them, and perhaps from an outsider’s perspective, may be able to suggest new ideas and initiatives.

    Most importantly, it provides an excellent opportunity to develop relationships and experience the face-to-face reality of engagement in a local community context and truly put a human face to the complex societal problems we care about.

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Asian Journeys have organized numerous Youth Expedition Projects for youths from schools, polytechnics, universities and youth organisations in partnership with Singapore International Foundation and National Youth Council.


  • Asian Journeys is a project partner of UNSIM ‘s School of Science and Technology ‘s Environmental Science graduate diploma and master’s programme as we facilitate the China Environmental Field Trips.

    We are also the Strategic partner of the Singapore Scout Association for environmental learning programmes and partner of NParks Pulau Ubin’s Noordin Beach conservation project.


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    as we deliver both local and overseas service-learning programmes to help young people learn more about the social concerns in Asia.

    Asian Journeys can be your partner of choice in service-learning as we provide value-added training in cross-cultural learning component for overseas service-learning projects.

    Asian Journeys organise specially crafted service-learning journeys to China, Malaysia and Thailand for small groups interested to learn more about Asia’s  social concerns and community service efforts.

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