Desert & Rivers


Explore the Deserts & Rivers of Asia with Asian Journeys…

Asian Journeys initiated a Green Desert Project in 2002 to mobilize youths from Singapore and Asia to participate in environmental education and stewardship projects in Asia to care for the earth.

Two of our emphases include efforts to combat desertification (afforestation projects) and the river conservation (potable water projects).

Deserts & Rivers…

The deserts are burial grounds for the lost and dying, who have wandered afar and failed to return home. The deserts are also places of solitude and workshops for the soul. Those who survive the deserts have clarified their calling.

Can dry bones live?

The rivers are the cradles of civilisations and
sources for the nourishment of the soul.

There will be streams in the deserts…
away in the wilderness.

Hebrew prophet

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