Cross-cultural Learning


  • Developing cultural understanding of Asian cultures and peoples will also give us a headstart in working and exporting our expertise to places in Asia as we begin to work with Asians, beginning with understanding their worldviews and heartbeat.


    Asian Journeys is a partner of the Singapore government’s Civil Service College since 2007.  We have delivered numerous workshops on Understanding China Cross-Culturally for senior civil servants seeking to work more effectively in China.

    Asian Journeys have also led workshops for the National Youth Council for principals, teachers, youth leaders involved in leading youths on overseas study trips. We have also hosted public talks and given many seminars for community organisations related to cross-cultural learning in China and Asian contexts.

    Partner us as we develop and deliver cross-cultural training programmes for youths, travellers and businesses seeking to invest and be involved in Asia.

    Asian Journeys organise specially crafted cultural learning journeys to China, Malaysia and Thailand for small groups interested to learn more about Asia’s cultural history.

    Contact for more information.

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