Confucius said that every person is a sum of his or her relationships. Hence when our relationships are not right, everything we do pales in significance.

In the busyness of life, we often neglect to find time and space for rest and contemplation.  What is a strain in the body, in our relationships and at home or at work thus multiplies quickly into …STRESS!

We are not at peace with others because

we are not at peace with ourselves,

and we are not at peace with ourselves

because we are not at peace with God.

Thomas Merton

Come visit us at our office, overlooking a green and blue beautiful lake and landscape, (which is the Bedok Reservoir!), and find a conversational partner and a corner for contemplation.

Take a break and make time for your soul.

Every Monday morning 7am and Thursday evening 6 pm. Bedok Reservoir.
Contact to begin the journey and the conversation.

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