Asia’s Environment


  • Asia is a huge continent with sub-continents and archipelagos of islands. It has a great diversity of landforms ranging from the tallest snow-capped peaks in the Himalayan mountain ranges to the dry arid Gobi desert in Mongolia.  Many of the world’s largest cities are sited in Asia along with the newer factories  of the world as large companies take advantage of the low wages in Asian cities.

    As Asia develops rapidly along the road towards modernization and economic prosperity, the environment of Asian cities and the rural hinterlands  are at risk of rapid degradation due to poor environmental management or in most cases, the lack of political will and capability.

    There is much to be learnt as we work with youths and young leaders to understand and develop creative programmes to participate in the stewardship of Asia’ environment

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  • Asian Journeys organise specially crafted enivronmental study trips to China, Malaysia  and Thailand for small groups interested to learn more about Asia’s environmental challenges and creative stewardship efforts.

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