• About Us

    Who we are

    Asian Journeys Ltd is a Singapore-based social enterprise dedicated to working with youths from the heartlands of Singapore and Asia, using and promoting Asian resources for life skills and leadership development. It is a not-for-profit organization registered with ACRA as a company limited by guarantee.

    How we started

    Asian Journeys was founded in 2002 by Lawrence Ko, a former pastor, writer, cultural researcher cum HR trainer, with a burden for helping young people grow into globalised youths with character, courage, creativity and competency in the 21st Century.

    Since 2007, he has been joined by a growing pool of volunteers as well as a Board of Directors including business leaders, environmental consultants, and social entrepreneurs who shared the same passion for youth development and promotion of Asian cultural resources.

    Our milestones

    Since 2002, Asian Journeys have been organizing Youth Expedition Projects to China and initiating youths environmental stewardship projects in partnership with schools, polytechnics and university groups. These projects have been supported by Singapore International Foundation and National Youth Council.

    The Green Desert Club was launched in 2007 with support from National Parks Board at Raffles House on Fort Canning Hill.

    Asian Journeys have also been actively promoting and organising Asian cultural talks, seminars and events in partnership with local agencies such as National Library Board, Asian Civilisation Museum, YMCAs, church groups and overseas cultural groups sharing the same vision of supporting Asian arts and cultural activities.